Definition - What does Peat mean?

Peat is a soil material formed by the decomposition of organic matter and remains of plant material. Generally, it is found in the areas which have moisture in the environment. The following are some essential conditions that affect the formation of Peat:

  • The materials of plants should be waterlogged.
  • There should be low temperature in the surroundings.
  • The atmosphere should not contain oxygen.

Apart from this, the wetlands must include flood plains, swamps, and marshes.

Petropedia explains Peat

Peat accumulates as a result of decayed organic matter. The areas of its origin are known as Peatlands or mires. It is the first component that is formed in the process when the decayed plants are transformed to coal. During the process, volatile materials are eliminated thus the final product is more hard and dense. There are a wide variety of forms which are harvested from Peat such as Reed-sedge Peat, humus, hypnum moss and sphagnum moss. According to a survey, the United States of America produces approximately 110 billion tons of Peat annually.

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