Definition - What does Paramagnitec mean?

Paramagnetic is a material that is attracted by a magnetic field which is applied externally. The magnetic permeability of Paramagnetic materials is either equal to 1 or greater than 1 hence they have positive susceptibility which helps them to get attracted towards the magnetic field. Usually, chemical compounds are included in Paramagnetic materials and the property is known as paramagnetism. Modern instruments like SQUID magnetometer are required to detect the effect of paramagnetism.

Petropedia explains Paramagnitec

Paramagnetic materials are easily attracted by a magnetic field. Some elements such as cobalt, iron, nickel and iron show strong paramagnetism. However, strong paramagnetism decreases with the increase in temperature. It occurs due to the presence of unpaired electrons and the realignment of electron paths. Sensitive analytical balance is required so as to detect the effect of paramagnetism. Paramagnets do not retain any magnetism without external magnetic field due to the presence of thermal motion. The materials can be used in NMR spectroscopy to understand stoichiometry of transition complex metals.

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