Pore Pressure Prediction

Definition - What does Pore Pressure Prediction mean?

Pore Pressure Prediction is a method of forecasting by using data that provides information about upcoming events or risks beforehand. It is useful because it enables drilling to continue without any delays or incidents. Generally, it offers the knowledge of the pore pressure while drilling the deep water wells. The prediction methods can be modified by using depth dependent compaction equations. The theory was based on the effective porosity-stress compaction theory. Besides, it also depends upon sonic transit time and compressional velocity. The predictions are calculated by the use of elastic wave velocities.

Petropedia explains Pore Pressure Prediction

Pore Pressure Prediction has gradually became an integral part in the oil and gas industry as it provides the estimates for pore pressure in reservoirs or wells. The estimates are either used by geologists or mud engineers for safety by identifying the potential drilling hazards. Pore Pressure Reduction also improves the understanding of the sentimental basins and helps in improving the well positioning.

The benefits of using Pore Pressure Prediction data are:

  • It helps in calculating the safe mud weight window
  • It helps in predicting hazard prediction
  • It helps in the development of the wells
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