Water Saturation

Definition - What does Water Saturation mean?

Water Saturation is defined as the ratio of water to pore volume. It can be calculated from the effective porosity and the resistivity of the log. It is the determination of petrochemical calculations used to quantify the hydrocarbon saturation. Saturation can be expressed as volume per volume units. Moreover, it can be described as the formation of water in an undisturbed zone and the ability of a solid to hold a great amount of water under specific conditions.

Petropedia explains Water Saturation

It is essential to determine Water Saturation because with the help of the process petrophysical experts have an idea about how to use the industry standard equation. It makes them familiar with the basins and the formations that suit a particular environment. Moreover, water saturation can be calculated by dielectric frequency scanner and by magnetic resonance fluid characterization. The devices determine the volume of the fluid, total porosity and number of hydrocarbons in the wellbore region. However, the techniques perform well in saline and fresh water.

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