Definition - What does LACT Unit mean?

LACT Unit is a system used to measure the volume and quality of crude oil and petroleum products during the transportation of the fluids from production sites. The transportation is done by rail wagons, trucks, storage tanks and pipelines. LACT is an acronym for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer. A lease is a legal arrangement between two units or entities and automatic refers to the automation.

Petropedia explains LACT Unit

A LACT Unit is used between the stock tank and feed line. The unit measures the net volume of liquid hydrocarbons in a range of 100 to 1000 Barrels of oil per hour. As the stock tank level rises, the controller, which checks the level of the tank signals the functioning of the LACT Unit. These units can be found in main pipelines or gathering pipelines. High precision and accuracy is required when these units are being used. The unit checks the quantity as well as the quality of the oil that passes through it.

The other parameters that a LACT Unit tracks are:

  • API Gravity
  • Temperature
  • Basic sediment and water
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