Fleet Tracking System

Definition - What does Fleet Tracking System mean?

Fleet Tracking System is an efficient program that collects fleet data so as to get a comprehensive picture of a vehicle's location. GPS or GLONASS are the two types of technologies, used for tracking the location of the vehicle. With the help of the system, clients can have total visibility on their assets and vehicles. The system is installed in a fleet which is present in large cities or travel miles away from the current location. For instance, Urban Public transit authorities are a common user of the technology.

Petropedia explains Fleet Tracking System

Fleet Tracking System is a modernized programmed device that solves various purposes of fleet management. Some of them are fleet tracking, routing, security and on-board information. The Fleet Tracking system is becoming the most significant tool for organizations or people who want to sidestep road problems such as time consuming traffic. The entire information relies on geostationary satellites that provide information about fleet’s speed, direction of travel and current location. The Fleet Tracking System has a number of benefits upon installation such as saving fuel, avoiding possible collisions, greater foresight, etc.

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