Oil Tanker

Definition - What does Oil Tanker mean?

An Oil Tanker is a huge vessel which transports oil from one place to another. It is generally categorized in two basic types, i.e., product tanker and crude tanker. An Oil Tanker is classified according to its size and occupation. It is used to transport oil, petroleum, wine, molasses or other chemicals. A tanker is assigned with a particular name depending on the amount of fluid it can carry. For example, the Seaway-max Oil Tanker can carry up to 60,000 tons of fluid whereas the V plus can carry more than 440,000 tons of fluid.

Petropedia explains Oil Tanker

Oil Tankers play a major role when you want to transport bulk of unrefined oil or refined products from refineries to consumer markets. Oil Tankers are one of the practical means of transporting oil, since they can move to multiple locations where pipelines do not exist. The technology of transporting oil has evolved in 21st century. With rising demands, an Oil Tanker is now regarded as a permanent moored floating storage unit. However, it can cause high profile oil spills, if it gets damaged. In order to avoid these circumstances Oil Tankers are designed under strict adherence to set regulations.

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