Open Drip-Proof Enclosure

Definition - What does Open Drip-Proof Enclosure mean?

Open Drip-Proof Enclosure is a tool that circulates cool air and prevents water droplets from falling in a motor. It is designed to meet the needs of the industry by improving product reliability and energy conversation. It consists of fan blades that help the air to circulate in the motor whilst preventing some degree of moisture and solid dust particles. However, it does not protect the motor from chemical vapors thus it is only effective in a well ventilated and clean area.

Petropedia explains Open Drip-Proof Enclosure

An enclosure plays a vital role in a motor. It protects the motor from toxic substances that are present in the environment. It can either be an open or a totally enclosed. The Open Drip-Proof Enclosure is an open enclosure that allows cool air to pass through the motor and it is one of the basic components in the motor that improve motor reliability. It can only be used in a clean and dry environment. If you want the Open Drip-Proof Enclosure to work properly then it should be inclined in the right direction at an angle of 15 degrees.

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