Oil Zone

Definition - What does Oil Zone mean?

An Oil Zone is a strata, formation or horizon of a well in which oil is present. The oil contained in the oil zone may have a gas cap on top of it and water at the bottom. At times, an oil zone can also contain crude oil as the only hydrocarbon without the presence of natural gas or water.

Petropedia explains Oil Zone

In a reservoir, geologists always try to find a good amount of oil strata. Thus, an oil zone can be considered as a part of reservoir or an oil reservoir itself. In simple terms, oil zone is expressed as a strata or a horizon from where crude oil is present and is extracted from an oil well. In a Reservoir, hydrocarbons and water are denoted by various colors which are globally accepted. All E&P organizations use same color coding to represent the hydrocarbons.

  • Oil is represented by green
  • Gas is represented by red
  • Water is represented by blue
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