Oil Scout

Definition - What does Oil Scout mean?

An Oil Scout is a talented professional who has well-honed skills for investigation and collecting data about gas and oil drilling locations. The job of an Oil Scout is one of the most essential and interesting in the petroleum industry. The scout must have knowledge about geology, land leasing, well testing, well lodging and current oil & gas regulations. He/she also has the ability to unearth valuable information about their competitors’ sites.

Petropedia explains Oil Scout

In the 19th century, oil was the primary commodity that was in great demand in the United States; hence scouting for details became a necessary aspect for oil prospectors so as to have a competitive edge. Since then the need of Oil Scouts spread on a global scale. An Oil Scout is responsible for various tasks such as:

  • Monitoring the drilling activities.
  • Tracking rig schedules.
  • Maintaining industry networks.
  • Facilitating competitor analysis.

A good scout is the one who possesses good communication skills and is curious to know more and more about the petroleum industry.

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