Oil Pump

Definition - What does Oil Pump mean?

An Oil Pump is a mechanical device that is used to circulate motor oil to the bearings, camshaft and pistons of an engine. It is used in internal combustion engines to circulate oil with high-pressure while maintaining the temperature of the engine. Moreover, it is regarded as an essential part of the lubrication system. There are various types of the pump, however the most commonly used ones are trochoid pumps, gear pumps, plunger pumps and vane pumps.

Petropedia explains Oil Pump

An Oil Pump is a device that is used to continuously lubricate highly stressed and constantly moving devices. The pump is thus helpful in preventing excessive wear and tear of major components of an internal combustion engine. However, the main role of an Oil Pump is to circulate oil at a high pressure so that it can reach all the bearings and other parts of the engine. It is advisable to check for some qualities such as reliability or long-lasting behavior of the pump before installing it as this ensures less maintenance in the long run.

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