Oil Cooler

Definition - What does Oil Cooler mean?

Oil Cooler is a device that is used to cool engine oil and maintain the engine at a constant temperature. It is fitted in cars, trucks and some airplanes. It is used in hot weather or on long trips to keep the engine moving on the go. The cooler is important as it improves efficiency and enhances the performance of the engine. With the increasing demand, many manufacturers are adding new features like high-efficiency tabulators to the Oil Cooler.

Petropedia explains Oil Cooler

An engine is designed to lubricate oil so as to make its mechanical parts remain in elite conditions. However, oil is lubricated at very high temperatures and an Oil Cooler is very helpful in the process. As the name suggests, it is a device which absorbs hot oil in and pumps out cool oil that maintains the correct temperature throughout the engine. It is a cost-effective operation with several economic, environmental and performance benefits. Before you install a cooler in your engine, you must know the accurate size as undersizing or oversizing affects the efficiency of the system.

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