Definition - What does Offshore mean?

Offshore is a term used to refer to all oil and gas activities that take place away from land, i.e., in ocean or sea. These activities include exploration, appraisal, development and production. The term off-shore simply means away from shore or land. On the other hand all the oil and gas activities that take place on land are referred to as onshore activities.

Petropedia explains Offshore

In order to perform offshore activities, organizations have to contract an offshore drilling expert who has the expertise to build an offshore drilling platform and get an offshore drilling rig over the offshore platform.

Offshore drilling is basically drilling of wells in the sea in shallow or deep water using offshore rigs. To perform offshore drilling operations, special types of offshore drilling rigs are used depending on the water depth. These rigs are used to drill oil or gas well in water. The most common types of drilling rigs are jackup rigs that are used up to 120 meter of water depth. Similarly, drill ships and semi-submersibles are used for drilling in deeper water depths.

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