Definition - What does Odorant mean?

Odorant refers to any substance or chemical compound that has a distinctive odor or smell. The chemical compound contains the odor when it is adequately volatile. The compounds and molecules which meet this specification contain a molecular weight of less than 300. Flavors are different from Odorants, as they affect the sense of smell and taste both whereas Odorants only affect the sense of smell. The flavors exist naturally, whereas Odorants are synthetic.

Petropedia explains Odorant

Odorants are found in fragrance oils, essential oils, perfumes, food, spices and wines etc. They are essential in the production of flavorants that are used to improve flavor and increase the appeal of the products of the food service industry. Odorisers add Odorants to gases and to the hazardous odorless substances such as natural gas, hydrogen or propane. Animals have cell membrane receptors, known as olfactory receptors present on surface of the sensory neurons in olfactory system which detect the air-borne Odorants. They are also known as fragrance, aroma, flavor and aroma compound.

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