Instrumentation Technician

Definition - What does Instrumentation Technician mean?

An Instrumentation Technician is an individual who is responsible for carrying out various planned or unplanned activities for repair and maintenance. The activities are carried out on a wide range of safety systems, process control and electronic equipment. The technician uses various devices and instruments to report and record the changes. The technician installs, tests, repairs, inspects and calibrates various monitoring devices. The Instrumentation Technician works with analytic and scientific computer software, current meters, calculators, electronic probes and voltage to determine various faults in the circuitry.

Petropedia explains Instrumentation Technician

It is the responsibility of the Instrumentation Technician to check if all the machines in the plant are running correctly. The technician also ensures that the machines are safe. The technician checks the quality of air in a mine and regulates the flow of water in the equipment. All the operations and safety of the plant directly depend upon the instruments. It is very important to constantly calibrate and monitor these instruments. The technician may work in shifts or regularly in week day hours. The working conditions may dramatically vary from one job to the other. The Instrumentation Technician may be exposed to restricted spaces, dusty, noisy, high elevation, and unusually warm or cold conditions.

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