Oil Spill

Definition - What does Oil Spill mean?

Oil Spill is the accidental release of oil into a water body. Oil Spill can include the release of oil from underwater pipelines, offshore platforms, wells or drilling rigs that harm the environment and marine life. The term is mostly applied to marine oil spills caused by releasing oil into coastal or ocean waters. It gets penetrated into the fur of mammals and plumage of the birds which reduces their ability to insulate and make them vulnerable to the fluctuations of temperature and less buoyant in water.

Petropedia explains Oil Spill

Oil Spills have adverse consequences to the society socially, economically and environmentally. It can contaminate the supplies of drinking water and affect the society economically by affecting the tourism and industries extracting marine resources. The oil penetrates into the fur of the mammals and plumage of birds which affect them skeptically as the animals rely on scent for finding their mothers or babies and they can't due to the scent of the oil. This leads the babies being abandoned and makes them starve and ultimately die. Cleaning and recovering the environment from an Oil Spill is very hard and depends on many factors like the temperature of water, type of oil spilled and types of beaches and shorelines involved.

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