Definition - What does Nozzle mean?

A Nozzle is a tool that is designed to control the characteristics or direction of flow of a fluid to improve the velocity as it enters into an enclosed pipe or chamber. It is a tube with a distinct cross sectional area used to modify or direct the fluid flow. It is used commonly in controlling the speed, mass, direction, pressure, shape and rate of flow of the current that rises from them. The velocity of the fluid increases in the Nozzle on the loss of the pressure energy.

Petropedia explains Nozzle

A Nozzle is used to enhance the kinetic energy of a fluid which is flowing at the expense of inertial and pressure energy. Nozzles are of two types: convergent and divergent. Convergent Nozzles are used to accelerate the subsonic fluids while the divergent Nozzles are used to slow the fluids if their flow is subsonic. The convergent-divergent Nozzles are therefore used to accelerate the fluid which is choked to supersonic speeds in the convergent sections. This process is considered to be more efficient than making the convergent Nozzle to expand externally. The Nozzles are of different types and are commonly round tubes used to perform different functions.

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