Definition - What does Normalizing mean?

Normalizing is a heat treatment process that is used for making a material softer. The normalized softer material does not have uniform annealing properties. In the normalizing heat treatment process, the material is heated to the specific temperature in a furnace and then taken out and allowed to cool at room temperature in a slow and steady state. This treatment refines and improves the grain size of the material. It also improves the microstructure uniformity and properties of hot steel.

Petropedia explains Normalizing

In the normalizing process, steel is heated to the austenite phase and cooled in the air (room temperature) slowly. The temperature range for normalizing heat treatment process is from 800 degree Celsius to 950 degree Celsius. Normalizing is performed to achieve following purposes:

  • Improvement in cast dendritic structures and reduction in segregation by microstructure homogenization.
  • Production of homogeneous microstructure and obtain desired mechanical properties of steel.
  • Improvement in dimensional stability and machinability of low carbon steels.
  • Improvement in toughness and ductility.
  • Removal of irregular forming by welding.
  • Improves hardening of steel.
  • To eliminate coarse grain structure from steel and refine the grain structure.
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