Nonassocaited Gas

Definition - What does Nonassocaited Gas mean?

Nonassociated Gas is the gas that is present in a hydrocarbon reservoir alone. In such hydrocarbon reservoir, neither crude oil nor condensates are present, only natural gas in its raw form is available. Since nonassociated gas is not dissolved in crude oil, it is also known as dry gas.Natural gas which is produced along with crude oil is known as associated gas.

Petropedia explains Nonassocaited Gas

Natural Gas is a fossil fuel which is used as a source of energy. It is the safest, cleanest and most environment friendly source of energy. Reservoirs that contain hydrocarbons usually contain liquids such as crude oil, natural gas and water. In a reservoir, natural gas being the lightest of all, it is present freely on top of crude oil or dissolved in the crude oil. In some cases there is no presence of crude oil or water in the reservoir and only natural gas is present. The natural gas extracted from such types of reservoirs is referred to as nonassociated natural gas.

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