Nominal Volume

Definition - What does Nominal Volume mean?

Nominal Volume is the quantity of any substance which is in a pre-packed or pre-measured container hold. The Nominal Volume is used to represent the accepted condition that is an approximation or an aim as opposing to the real value always present. The word nominal from comes from the Latin word nomis and nominalis which means pertaining to a noun or name. The word volume comes from the Latin word voluminis which means a scroll, roll or coil for the manuscript.

Petropedia explains Nominal Volume

The theory of Nominal Volume focuses on the distinction between something in physical actuality and something in name. It is like an archetype that is the most common or ideal representation of something with an objective of easy identification. In measurement, the Nominal Volume is generally a value that exists in name only. It is accredited as an acceptable designation rather than following general rounding methods or calculations by data analysis. It is considered as a de facto instead of an average, exact or typical average measurement. The use of nominal volume depends upon the technical standards or de facto standards.

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