Noise (electrical)

Definition - What does Noise (electrical) mean?

Noise is a random fluctuation seen in an electrical signal which is a characteristic of all the electronic circuits. The Noise caused by the electronic devices is different because it can be generated by various different effects. In communication systems, Noise is considered to be an undesired random disturbance or error of the useful information signals in the communication channel. It is an addition of some disturbing or unwanted energy from the natural sources or sometimes man-made sources. Despite the fact that noise is usually unwanted, it can be used for serving useful purposes in some applications like dithering or random number generation.

Petropedia explains Noise (electrical)

The unwanted electromagnetic or electrical energy which degrades the quality of data and signals is referred to as Noise. It takes place in analog and digital systems that can affect communications and files of all types including images, text, audio, telemetry and programs. It is said to be a more significant problem in the wireless systems than in the hard-wired systems. Communication engineers are constantly working hard to develop better ways to deal with this problem.

Noise is of the following types:

  • Shot Noise:This is caused when the electrons flowing across the barriers have discrete arrival times.
  • Thermal Noise: It is an unavoidable Noise generated by some random thermal motions of the charge carriers inside the electrical conductors that takes place regardless of any voltage applied.
  • Transmit-time Noise:When the time taken by electrons in travelling to the collector from the emitter is comparable to period of signals that are being amplified, transmit-time Noise is generated.
  • Flicker Noise:The signal or the process with a frequency spectrum which falls off regularly into higher frequencies with the pink spectrum is said to be flicker noise.
  • Burst Noise:It contains a sudden step like conversion between two or more than two levels at unpredictable and random times.

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