Milling Tool

Definition - What does Milling Tool mean?

A Milling Tool is a cutting tool used in milling machines or machining areas to perform milling operations. The material that needs to be cut is removed by its movement within the machine across the milling tool. The milling tool remains fixed at its position. Milling tools can cut the materials either from center or non-center cutting. In the oil and gas industry, these tools are used in cleaning, cutting and clearing various tangled materials during drilling, production and transportation of hydrocarbons.

Petropedia explains Milling Tool

There are various types of milling tools used in the oil and gas industry to cut the high strength steel material tangled during upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Some of the milling tools are:

  • Conductor Taper Mills – these tools clean out the deformations in the platforms or jackup conductor casings in just one pass. These milling tools are available in the diameter range of 15 to 28 inches with fishing necks of 9.5 inches.
  • String Taper Mills – These mills are ideal for cleaning any damaged liners, casings and tubing. These milling tools taper the material from top to bottom mill and operations can be performed from both directions. Removal of any keyseats in open well holes is also done by these mills.
  • Bladed Junk Mills – These milling tools are required to remove any junk materials (junk milling), packers, retainers and squeeze tools.
  • Conebuster Mills – These milling tools are used to perform heavy milling operations such as removing bit cones, slips, downhole tools.
  • Cement Mills – These milling tools are used to perform light milling operations such as cutting work wells for plugs, float collars, retainers and bridge plugs. They also do not get clogged with cement or any formations.
  • Taper Mills – These milling tools cut out and remove collapsed or deformed tubulars, linings, collars and bird nests.
  • Pilot Mills – These milling tools are suitable for tubular junks and are used as a dress mill for installations of milling liner hangers and other downhole tools through a wellbore.
  • Mill Master Section Mills – These are also called as economical mills, sidetracking and single strip pipe cutting.
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