Definition - What does Mixture mean?

A Mixture is a material system that is made up of two or more than two different substances that are blended but not mixed chemically. It refers to the physical combination of two or more than two substances in which their identities are maintained and blended in the form of suspensions, colloids and solutions. It is a product of mixing chemical substances or mechanical blending such as compounds and elements but is formed without any chemical change or chemical bonding.

Petropedia explains Mixture

A Mixture is an aggregate of substances which are not combined chemically but exist without fixed proportions to each other. Although the Mixture is made without chemical changes provided to their constituents, their physical properties like melting point can be different from the physical properties of the components. The Mixture could be either heterogeneous or homogeneous. The components in a heterogeneous Mixture can be seen because of the presence of two or more phases. The composition in a homogeneous Mixture is said to be uniform and each part of the Mixture has similar properties.

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