Molar Volume

Definition - What does Molar Volume mean?

Molar Volume is a mole of a gas that populates a specific volume at an appropriate pressure and temperature. It can be represented by the symbol Vm. Molar Volume is equivalent to the molar mass divided by the mass density. It is represented with the SI unit of cubic meters per mole. It uses units of cubic centimeters per mole for solids and liquids and cubic decimeters per mole for gases.

Petropedia explains Molar Volume

The volume occupied by a mole of a gas is called Molar Volume. Every substance is required to have a standard pressure and temperature which is one atmosphere and 0 degree Celsius respectively. A mole of any gas at standard pressure and temperature occupies a volume of 22.4 liters. The standard Molar Volume can be used for the determination of density at standard temperature and pressure conditions. The density at standard temperature and pressure is equivalent to the mass of 1 mole per 22.4 liters.

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