Definition - What does Molasse mean?

Molasse refers to shale, conglomerates and sandstones that are formed as shallow mine or terrestrial deposits in form of the rising mountain chains. It is a thick organization of marine and continental clastic sedimentary rocks which chiefly consists of shale and sandstones that are in the form of shore deposits. River channels, beaches, backwater swamps and lagoons are involved in the depositional environment. Their formation in time corresponds to mountain building and the fold forming stage in geosyncline systems.

Petropedia explains Molasse

Molasse is the name given to the sedimentary facies that basically consist of sandstones, conglomerates and shale. There is a difference between the upper and lower Molasse which characterize the sub stages of mountain building. The upper Molasse consists of the detritus worn from the briskly weathered mountain ranges emerged in preceding sub stage while the lower Molasse appears as sediments of the shallow basins surrounding branching interior uplifts of the geosyncline systems. Molasse is associated physically with the intermontane troughs and fore deeps that accompanies the developing structures of the mountains.

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