Motor Man

Definition - What does Motor Man mean?

A Motor Man is a member of the drilling crew responsible for maintaining and operating the engines on the oil rigs. In general, a Motor Man is the title given to the person who runs an electrified tram, trolley car, rapid transit train or light rail. The person is in charge or authoritative to the motors just like the railroad engineer is to the engine. The title is gender-neutral as it is used for both males and females.

Petropedia explains Motor Man

A member of the drilling crew who is supposed to operate, maintain and sometimes repair the engines on oil rigs is referred to as a Motor Man. All other members of the drilling crew help with major functions of drilling and other major repairs. A Motor Man is responsible for performing routine preventive activities of minor repairs and maintenance.

The title is generally given to the person who operates electrified vehicles. Motor Man also refers to the person on locomotive-hauled train when it is being propelled by the locomotive. In the locomotive, a driver applies power whereas the Motor Man is responsible for carrying out signals, applying brakes and sounding the horn when necessary.

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