Definition - What does Mousse mean?

A Mousse is the foamy mixture formed when petroleum products mix with water due to the actions of the wind and waves. It can vary in color from tan to dark brown and red. This mixture is called mousse because of its consistency which is thick and almost pudding like. The mixture has an incorporation of around 75% of water into the oil which increases the obvious volume of the given amount of oil by four times.

Petropedia explains Mousse

When oil and water mix they form a foamy Mousse that makes oil to lose its toxic and volatile components. It can be treated by pre-treating the sea water or oil with demulsifiers or dispersants. This can restrain the formation of Mousse with oils and other petroleum products. It is hard to break the previously sustained Mousse with dispersants. The inefficiency of the dispersants to break up the fixed Mousse formations is attributed to both the dearth of penetration of dispersant in it and the instant removal of dispersants from its surface into the sea surface disturbance and the sea water column by the waves.

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