Miles Per Hour (MPH)

Definition - What does Miles Per Hour (MPH) mean?

Miles Per Hour is a unit used to measure speed in the non-metric countries like the United States. The unit expresses the speed in the form of numbers of miles traveled in an hour. Kilometers per hour is used all over the world to measure speed but miles per hour is the standard unit used for measuring speed limits in the United Kingdom, United States, Puerto Rico and Antigua & Barbuda.

Petropedia explains Miles Per Hour (MPH)

Miles Per Hour is the US customary and an imperial unit of speed that expresses the distance traveled in an hour. One Mile Per Hour is equal to 1.609344 kilometers per hour. It can be abbreviated as MPH, mph and mi/h. The aeronautical and nautical applications use knot for expressing the distance traveled in a certain amount of time. Both the units knot and Miles Per Hour are used to measure and express speed, i.e., the number of the units of distance traveled in specified amount of time. It also used in some countries to measure the speed of the delivery of a ball in the sporting events like tennis, baseball and cricket.

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