Definition - What does Mud mean?

Mud is a blend of water and dirt that results into a soft and wet mixture. It is also known by other names such as soil, dirt, silt, clay and sludge etc. In simple terms, Mud is soft wet earth that can be mostly found in river banks, ponds or after rain. Mud is also used to refer to the mixture of water, chemicals and clay that is used in oil well drilling operations. In the petroleum industry, Mud is also known as drilling mud or drilling fluid.

Petropedia explains Mud

Mud is an interchangeable term for drilling fluid or drilling mud which is a special mixture of water, clay and chemicals. Drilling mud is designed to suit the drilling operations and wellbore conditions. It can be of three types – oil base, water base and chemical base. The main use of Mud in the oil and gas industry is to facilitate the drilling process. However, other fluids produced during drilling and other operations can also be referred to as Mud. These fluids can either be drilling, workover or completion fluids.

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