Mud Gun

Definition - What does Mud Gun mean?

Mud Gun is used in the solids control system of the drilling rig. The tool is chiefly used to mix the drilling mud in circulatory system and prevent mud from precipitating. The tool has a simple structure that offers a flexible operation and is easy to be used. The tool is commonly used to defend against the precipitates in the solids control system. The equipment is installed in mud-tank. The equipment is used to jet the high-pressure drilling fluids inside the mud-tanks, in the bit to avoid the deposition of solids at every corner of the pump inlets and mud-tank.

Petropedia explains Mud Gun

The Mud Gun is designed to provide primary mixing or supplement in the mud-tanks depending upon the pit size and the numbers being used. They are used mainly in the corners of the mud-tanks to avoid the setting of solids. By rotating the wide angle, the mud can be adjusted according to the need. The jet nozzle used in the mud gun, is both wearable and replaceable. The tool is also used to shift the drilling fluids from one compartment to another such as for trip tank compartment.

It is used along with a mud agitator which is placed in the middle of tank whereas the mud gun is kept in the corner of a tank.

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