Mud-Level Recorder

Definition - What does Mud-Level Recorder mean?

Mud-Level Recorder is a tool used to measure and record the level or height of drilling fluids in the mud pits. The level of the drilling fluid is required to remain constant during the process of drilling a well. If the level is observed to be raised, there is the possibility of KICK generates and if the level drops or falls, the loss of circulation is expected to occur.

Petropedia explains Mud-Level Recorder

Mud level is required to be observed carefully during the drilling process and in the annulus during the test as well. The level must remain constant because a drop in the levels can result in the loss of circulation and a raise may result in KICK. Loss of circulation is referred as the uncontrolled flow of the mud into the formation called thief zone. KICK is a situation when the drilling fluids start flowing into the borehole in an unplanned fashion. If the mud level decreases sharply in the annulus during the test, the situation may result in packer failure and slow decrease.

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