Mud-Mixing Devices

Definition - What does Mud-Mixing Devices mean?

Mud-Mixing Devices are tools used to add solids to drilling fluids with the help of jet hoppers. These devices are designed with proprietary technologies that help in mixing the solids and liquids to form drilling fluids. The tools are manufactured in a way that they provide more homogenous, complete hydration and a consistent drilling mud which improves the mud mixing and drilling efficiency. The devices can also reduce the costs of mud mixing and overall drilling fluid.

Petropedia explains Mud-Mixing Devices

Mud-Mixing Devices are used to agitate, blend and mix the solids and liquids which form drilling fluids. The devices contain stirrers, paddles, mud guns, jet hoppers and chemical barrels that blend the solids with liquids and takes less time as compared to manual mixing. The mud mixers deliver a rational drilling mud which improves the drilling and the mud mixing efficiency. The rational drilling mud also reduces the cost of mud mixing and drilling fluid activities by reducing the loss of products during mud mixing through the dust containment and recovery.

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