Mud Saver Valve

Definition - What does Mud Saver Valve mean?

A Mud Saver Valve is a special valve that is installed on the top drive or the bottom of the Kelly. This closed valve is used to minimize the chances of fluid loss while making a connection. A Mud Saver Valve is usually installed on the end of the Kelly and its placement helps the Kelly to drain, by reducing the rig time. Ideally, the Mud Saver Valve is a closed valve, but it automatically opens due to the increase in pressure and circulation. When the circulation stops, the Mud Saver Valve closes.

Petropedia explains Mud Saver Valve

A Mud Saver Valve is a closed type valve, which remains closed until it is automatically forced to open due to the increase in pressure and circulation. Designed particularly for installation on a Kelly drive or top drive, it has many benefits. The Mud Saver Valve is majorly used to reduce the uncontrolled spillage of drilling fluid during a connection. It is beneficial in containing the hazardous drilling fluids and other fluids or elements that may come up during a connection. The valve acts as a preventive measure that consequently decreases the environmental risks and dangers of spillage.

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