Definition - What does Mudstone mean?

A Mudstone is a sedimentary rock composed of mud or clay. It has a fine grainy composition, i.e., it has grains of clay or mud in it. Over time, the grains and silt-sized particles are subjected to pressure, hence they form Mudstone. The grains or particles of Mudstone are not visible to naked eye and are usually of size less than 0.05mm. It is also sometimes referred to as siltstone and claystone. However, claystone and siltstone have a much smaller grain size than Mudstone. The most common example of Mudstone is shale.

Petropedia explains Mudstone

A Mudstone is a sedimentary rock composed of tiny clay or silt particles. These particles or grains are very small in size, ranging from 0.05mm to 0.0625mm and can only be seen under a microscope. Mudstone is also known as siltstone and claystone, and it is a kind of mudrock. The basic examples of a Mudstone are shale and marl. The following are the features of Mudstone:

  • Sedimentary rock.
  • Fine smooth texture.
  • Grain size 0.05mm- 0.0625mm.
  • Varied colors such as grey, white, black, brown etc.
  • Generally soft but can be hard and fragile.
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