Mud Suction Tank

Definition - What does Mud Suction Tank mean?

A Mud Suction Tank is made up of steel which is connected to the intake of the main pumping system of a rig. It is used to pick up the mud with the suction of mud pumps. Through these pits, drilling mud is cycled which allows the sediments and sand to settle down. The additives are also added and mixed in it and the fluid is sometimes stored temporarily before they are pumped back in the wells. It is also called suction pit, mud tank, suction tank, settling pit and shaker pit.

Petropedia explains Mud Suction Tank

A Mud Suction Tank is a rectangular mud tank made up of steel arranged closely which holds the drilling mud next to the rotary drilling rig. The tank is open on the top and contains a walkway for servicing. It is placed on downstream end and is kept near the supercharging centrifugal pumps and mud pumps which suck the mud out from the tanks to begin the mud circulation.

The tanks have two compartments – one is at the place where the pump suction takes place and the other is at the place where mud is treated and conditioned. The tanks have mud guns and stirrers which keep the mud perturbed in the tank.

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