Mud Tank

Definition - What does Mud Tank mean?

A Mud Tank is a container made from steel plate and steel tube with an open top for storing drilling fluids on a drilling rig. A Mud Tank is also called a mud pit. Mud Tanks can be of either cone or square shape depending on the shape of the tank bottom. A Mud Tank is necessary in the solids control system and also plays a crucial role for the transport of the drilling fluids. It can be classified according to its functions into chemical tank, metering tank, storing tank and circulating tank etc.

Petropedia explains Mud Tank

A Mud Tank is made from steel and has an open top, which makes it an ideal container for the storage of drilling fluids. There are two types of Mud Tanks based on their structure – cone shaped and square shaped Mud Tanks. The Mud Tank's surface has a water pipeline installed for the cleaning and maintenance of the Mud Tank. The Mud Tank also has a steel ladder and a foot board to support the worker. Regular Mud Tanks have walkways on the top of the tanks which allow the worker to inspect the tank. Some offshore drilling rigs now opt for closed-in Mud Tanks due to safety reasons. A Mud Tank is not only important for the storage of drilling fluids, but it is also an important component of the solids control system.

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