Definition - What does Mud-Up mean?

Mud-Up or mud up is the act of converting clay, slurry or water into mud. This is accomplished by adding different commercial materials to the water. After a well is drilled, Mud-Up is performed by using native clay mud or spud mud and adding the commercial materials to it. Mud-Up can also be prepared by using simple water as well. After mudding up, the drilling fluid can be used inside the drilled well during the different drilling stages.

Petropedia explains Mud-Up

Mud is basically a drilling fluid made up of different fluids used during the drilling of an oil well. After a wellbore is drilled, the drilling fluids are used to achieve the drilling of the borehole to a certain depth. The drilling mud is prepared by adding chemical materials to clay, water or slurry which is called Mud-Up. Mud-Up is also known as mudding up and it is the preparation of drilling mud. Mudding up is done after the wellbore has been drilled because preparing the drilling mud can be expensive.

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