Mud Weight Recorder

Definition - What does Mud Weight Recorder mean?

A Mud Weight Recorder is a weighing device installed on the mud pit's floor of the drilling rig. The weighing device helps in measuring the mud weight regularly and progressively. The presence of the Mud Weight Recorder helps the rig engineers and workers to monitor the mud weight in the mud pit. A mud pit, which is also known as a mud tank, usually stores the drilling fluids; a Mud Weight Recorder is an important component of the mud tank.

Petropedia explains Mud Weight Recorder

A mud pit, commonly known as a mud tank is a container with an open top, which is usually used to store the drilling fluid. Drilling fluid is generally known as drilling mud or simply mud. The mud tank is installed on the drilling rig and can be of two types – square shaped tank or cone shaped tank. The floor of the mud tank is installed with a Mud Weight Recorder, which is a measuring device fitted with a recorder. The Mud Weight Recorder records the mud weight continuously.

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