Definition - What does Muffler mean?

A Muffler, also known as a silencer, is an automobile device fitted in a vehicle to reduce the noise that is cast out by an internal combustion engine through the exhaust. It is an important device for noise reduction and is used in a wide range of automobiles such as cars and motorcycles. The Muffler does not serve any other function other than reducing the noise produced from a vehicle. It is usually fitted inside the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine.

Petropedia explains Muffler

An internal combustion engine is capable of producing a lot of noise and some vehicles can be very noisy due to the sound pressure created by the engine. Therefore, a noise reducing equipment known as a Muffler or silencer is often fixed in the exhaust system of the internal combustion engine. The engine creates sound pressure when working and this sound pressure goes out from the same pipe that is used by the exhaust system of the vehicle. Since the engine and exhaust system use the same exit path, a Muffler is installed in the exhaust to reduce the noise and sound-proof the exit.

The Muffler can decrease the efficiency of the engine as it increases the back pressure. This is why, many people uninstall it from their automobiles to increase the engine efficiency by reducing the fuel consumption, back pressure and increasing the power output.

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