Mule Shoe

Definition - What does Mule Shoe mean?

A Mule Shoe is a small tubing that is attached on the bottom of a drill string. Its primary use is to remove mud, sand and other particles from a borehole. It also helps in washing out the elements from the well. The cleaning action is accomplished by the tubing end's bottom, which is cut off at an angle of 45 degrees. This makes the Mule Shoe an ideal cleaning tubing for washing the borehole's bottom.

Petropedia explains Mule Shoe

A Mule Shoe is a downhole tubing, which is short in length and used along a drill string. It is majorly used to get rid of sand, mud and other deposits in the borehole. It is a great device that can clean the borehole. It is attached at the end of the drill string and with a 45 degrees angle, it become easy to perform the washing action. The Mule Shoe is also known as a mud socket, which is a simple device connected with the downhole equipment such as drill rods to remove the borehole sand.

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