Multiple Miniaturised Completion

Definition - What does Multiple Miniaturised Completion mean?

Multiple Miniaturised Completion, also known as multiple completion, refers to the well completion activities. In Multiple Miniaturised Completion, tubular and other devices are installed in a single wellbore which leads to enhanced and steady production from the reservoir's multiple zones. Ideally, two tubing strings are installed in the reservoir to produce fluids. The tubing string can be of different lengths that are lowered inside the well at different depths. This enables the reservoir to produce through the tubing string.

Petropedia explains Multiple Miniaturised Completion

When an oil well is designed to produce fluids and gases from more than a single reservoir, it is known as a Multiple Miniaturised Completion. It is also known as dual completion or multiple completion well. In such a well completion, multiple tubing strings and other devices are installed in the reservoir in different zones. Each tubing in such an arrangement produces separate fluid and gases, all of which are measured and noted separately. However, the well is still counted as one. If the multiple completion well produces only gas, it is referred to as a gas well.

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