Multiple-Tank Composite Sample

Definition - What does Multiple-Tank Composite Sample mean?

A Multiple-Tank Composite Sample is a blend of individual samples from various compartments of barges, ships or tankers which consists of products that are being sampled. This blend is mixed in proportion to volume of the material in every compartment sampled. The composite samples are required to be collected immediately after the locations become available. These composite samples are prepared for the purpose of Refinery Certificate of the quality test. The various samples of Multiple-Tank Composite Sample are Outlet Sample, On-Line Sample, Drain Sample, and Continuous Sample.

Petropedia explains Multiple-Tank Composite Sample

A Multiple-Tank Composite Sample consists of various samples from different compartments. The samples are as follows:

  • Drain Sample: This sample is taken from the discharge or the draw off valve.
  • Outlet Sample:This sample is taken with beaker or bottle sampler at the tank outlet level which could be swingline or fixed.
  • On-Line Sample:This sample is taken from the flowline pipeline by opening valve and collecting samples while the product is flowing. These samples are taken to be used in particulate contaminant tests and separometer index.
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