Multistage Cementing Tool

Definition - What does Multistage Cementing Tool mean?

A Multistage Cementing Tool is a tool used in cementing wells which have low formation pressures which cannot defend hydrostatic forces of the full column of the cement. This tool is used to place different mixtures of cement in a wellbore to isolate various sections in it. There are two types of Multistage Cementing Tools – hydraulically opened and plug opened tools.

The tool is used to raise the chance of fetching the casing from a definite depth. Multistage cementing is an effective and economical way used to cement one or more definite casing intervals or upper zones after cementing the lower zones.

Petropedia explains Multistage Cementing Tool

The Multistage Cementing Tool is used for cementing the casing string at different intervals and stages. The two-stage cementing is the most known technique of multistage cementing. This tool is suggested to be used in following situations:

  • When the well has a greater hydrostatic head of cement than formation pressure in few intervals but not in other intervals.
  • When only few parts of the wellbore need zonal isolation.
  • In deep and hot holes where the time is limited to pump a desired quantity and quality of cement.
  • In horizontal wells in which bend radius requires cementing.
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