Multistage Pump

Definition - What does Multistage Pump mean?

A Multistage pump is a pump that refers to the various stages of pumping in the process of forcing the liquids, commonly water, through its components. The pump is common among applications in which liquids are required to be transported with high pressure. This could be achieved using multiple stages or impellers in the body of the pump. The contents are moved to longer distances with the help of the pressure which builds in the pump when the flow progresses through multiple stages.

Petropedia explains Multistage Pump

Multiple pumps are usually used in pressure raising systems in which situations demand for constant flow and pressure like in high density living - boiler feed systems, irrigation systems and fire hose reel supply. The pumps can be driven by using various motor options from the solar-powered electric motors to the petrol and diesel motor options.

"Multistage" is a term usually used in reference to centrifugal pumps. These pumps are referred according to the number of stages they contain. For instance, a pump with five stages might be called a five-stage pump.

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