Milled-Tooth Bit

Definition - What does Milled-Tooth Bit mean?

A Milled-Tooth Bit is a type of a rolling cutter bit that has tooth cutters made up of steel which have been assembled as the parts of bit cone. This bit is rotated to gouge or cut out the formations. Every bit has a different kind of teeth based on the rock formation. It may use inserts build-up of diamond or tungsten carbide on its gauge. The Milled-Tooth Bit is used for enhancing durability, increasing the rate of penetration and for excellent drilling performance.

Petropedia explains Milled-Tooth Bit

Each Milled-Tooth Bit is different from the other as they are manufactured based on their drilling applications. There are two types of formations for these bits:

  • Hard Formation: In this type of formation, the teeth are short and closely placed. They are used to produce tiny, more rounded, smashed or crushed ground cuttings from the hard formations.
  • Soft Formation: In this type of formation, the teeth are slender, long and widely placed. They are used for producing cuttings which are freshly broken from the soft formations.

These teeth are crafted with a wear-resistant material composed of tungsten carbide crumbs which are dispersed in the steel matrix. The performance of these bits is based on the material and toughness of their hardfacing materials. The performance also depends on the bond between the hardfacing and steel tooth.

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