Mill-Coated Pipe

Definition - What does Mill-Coated Pipe mean?

A Mill-Coated Pipe is a tough and durable pipe which has coating applied to it to prevent it from outside and inside exposures. The coating is applied to a reconditioned pipe or even new pipes to protect them from rust that can affect various projects. The already in use pipes which have rust can be protected by coating them so as to stop the rust from spreading and causing more degradation. The mill pipe coatings are available in low VOC and in standard versions which can also be topped with conventional alkyd coatings.

Petropedia explains Mill-Coated Pipe

Steel pipes can be protected from exposures that can generate rust and other impurities which hinder the performance of the pipes. There are various high grade and effective coatings available that can prevent the damage of the pipes. Mill coating is one of these effective coatings. The Mill-Coated Pipe is corrosion free, long lasting and cannot decay easily. The thin coatings are considered to have best electrochemical and mechanical properties. The coatings made for the pipes with milled powders are hard and have more reliable microstructures. The milled fibers are electrically conductive, and when used for coatings, they can make pipes anti-static and electrically conductive.

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