Migratory Bird

Definition - What does Migratory Bird mean?

Migratory bird is a beautiful creature which plays an important economic, ecological and cultural role in various countries. This bird travels in the company of many other birds from one place to another at a regular time interval, usually over long distances. The primary reason for which migration occurs is food. Migration is also carried out due to various reasons including seasonal changes, predation, mortality and even hunting by humans. These birds navigate by magnetic field, using the celestial cues from the stars and sun, and also by using their mental maps.

Petropedia explains Migratory Bird

Migration is a regular seasonal movement undertaken by various species of birds. The reasons for bird migration include those carried out in response to the changes in a habitat, weather or availability of food. It considered a natural miracle in which the birds fly over thousands of kilometers in search of better ecological conditions and best habitats for breeding, feeding and raising their young ones. Whenever the conditions in the breeding site become unfavorable, they fly away to other regions which have better conditions.

It is truly unbelievable and amazing how these birds navigate with a pinpoint accuracy. The process of migration is a journey with various risks and threats usually caused by the human activities. As these birds fly over long distances, they cross various borders between several countries with different environmental legislation, politics and measures of conservation.

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