Middle Distillate

Definition - What does Middle Distillate mean?

Middle Distillate is a range of fine products that are situated between the lighter fractions and heavier products like gasoline or LPG and fuel oils. Generally heating kerosene, gas, jet fuels, and diesel oils like marine bunker fuels are included in them. Heating kerosene is used for domestic and commercial heating, jet fuel is used to power engines of military and commercial aircraft, and diesel is used commonly for the purpose of transportation.

Petropedia explains Middle Distillate

Middle Distillates are the hydrocarbons which include carbon atoms in their molecules. They can be in liquid state like kerosene and may include distillate gas oil and fuel oil. They are used in lighting, heating, cooking, diesel fuel, jet fuel and home heating oil. They are known as Middle Distillate because they have been condensed during the refining process of crude oil in the middle of a fractional distillation tank. They are differentiated by the following:

  • Heavier Distillates: These are liquids like residual fuel oil and lubricating oil, and solids like coke, bitumen, wax and greases.
  • Lighter Distillates: These are petroleum gases like ethane, methane, butane and propane, and lighter liquids like gasoline and naphtha.
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