Definition - What does Microsecond mean?

A Microsecond is a smaller SI unit of time which is equal to 1/1000000 or 0.000001 second. A Microsecond is to a second as a second is to 11.574 days. One Microsecond of a sound signal sample is stored in 4 micrometer of a CD. It is a cycle time for the frequency of 1 x 1000000 which is an inverse unit. To determine the distance travelled, a Microsecond can be multiplied by the speed of light. Microsecond is a standard metric unit for the measurement of time and is used in applications ranging from routine activities to scientific applications.

Petropedia explains Microsecond

A Microsecond is equivalent to 1000 nanoseconds and a 1/1000 of milliseconds. One millisecond is one thousandth of a second which is basically used for measuring time to write or read from a CD-ROM or a hard disk. It is also used to calculate the packet time on the Internet. A nanosecond is equal to one billionth of a second and is commonly used in the measurement of write or read access time to RAM.

For instance, 150,000 microseconds are taken by an average human finger to click, and 350,000 microseconds take up for an average human eye blink. Similarly, a flash of a camera lights up for 1000 Microseconds.

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