Micropore Paper

Definition - What does Micropore Paper mean?

A Micropore Paper is a paper tape usually made from a breathable and light material, used as adhesive tape for wounds. The material is adhesive in nature, but breathable at the same time giving the wound protection and allowing it to heal. It is commonly used in hospitals; first aid kits at home, school, commercial places etc. The tape comes in different sizes and is usually used as a healing bandage on open wounds. It can have different features, for example, it can be made from a latex-free material, and it can be hypoallergenic and of different colors as well.

Petropedia explains Micropore Paper

A Micropore Paper is a commonly used first aid tape on the skin, i.e., open wounds. Made from a very lightweight material, a Micropore Paper tape has skin friendly adhesive on it that makes it easy to adhere to the skin. Usually, the tape is free from latex and is hypoallergenic, which does not harm the skin or cause any allergic reaction. This medical tape is also sometimes soaked in medical solution that speeds up the healing process. It comes in rolls of different dimensions and can resist water, dust, dirt and act as a protective covering on the wound. It has a paper like texture, and is very light on skin.

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